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If you are Wheelchair bound, just out of Hospital or struggling to find relief from Pressure Build up on your Motorbike, in your Car, Lorry or Office, look no further.  With 30 years experience we can help you find Comfort & Relief wherever or whatever the reason.  Please look through our pages and feel free to ask us any question, over the years we have extended our expertise past Hospitals and the Disabled Community and have assisted Rowers, Stuntmen & woman, people with bathing issues, protecting Premature Babies in Neo Natal Units and many, many, more.  Feel free to come to us with the knowledge we know a little bit about Pressure Build Up and how to avoid/prevent it.

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I bought a DebbonAir cushion from you a couple of years back which has been great.  At first I was a bit disappointed as it seemed a bit small in depth and I didn't use it for a while.  Then, after another bout with a recurring pressure area, I decided to re-try it in desperation (rather than my Roho) and never looked back since, with no skin trouble now in a long, long time.  I think it's because it encourages my legs to sit within the cushion rather than splayed out on the Roho. 

I have a different challenge now as I have acquired a lightweight, manual wheelchair (as opposed to the powered chair I normally use).  I'd like a cushion for it that sits me a bit flatter in the chair so that I can get maximum thrust on the wheels.  However, it has also got to give me as much pressure relief as possible.  Perhaps the thinner DebbonAir cushion you market or one of your gels - what do you think? 


DebbonAir customer - Terence Rowbottom