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If you are Wheelchair bound, just out of Hospital or struggling to find relief from Pressure Build up on your Motorbike, in your Car, Lorry or Office, look no further.  With 30 years experience we can help you find Comfort & Relief wherever or whatever the reason.  Please look through our pages and feel free to ask us any question, over the years we have extended our expertise past Hospitals and the Disabled Community and have assisted Rowers, Stuntmen & woman, people with bathing issues, protecting Premature Babies in Neo Natal Units and many, many, more.  Feel free to come to us with the knowledge we know a little bit about Pressure Build Up and how to avoid/prevent it.

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Dear Lynne,

                  As promised, an update of how effective I found the gel pad to be over a reasonable time/distance.

As I mentioned before I suffer from 2 prolapsed discs in my lower spine and these were causing actual pain when I was on a motorcycle for more than an hour or so.

The biggest problem was caused by the sudden impact shock when the bike hit a pothole

or dropped grid etc. and you can feel the jarring hitting the bottom of your spine.

Due to the width of the bike seat and a slight problem with the fastening strap fouling the seat lugs I had the gel pad fitted into the seat.

Over the last 2 days I covered about 500 miles on a differing range of roads and the difference with the gel pad fitted was outstanding. It eliminates most of those impacts or softens them to such a degree that they make little difference.

I would more than recommend this product to any-one who wants to make their motorcycling more comfortable and enjoyable.

My regards, A.Harbron

Motorcycle Customer - A Harbron