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If you are Wheelchair bound, just out of Hospital or struggling to find relief from Pressure Build up on your Motorbike, in your Car, Lorry or Office, look no further.  With 30 years experience we can help you find Comfort & Relief wherever or whatever the reason.  Please look through our pages and feel free to ask us any question, over the years we have extended our expertise past Hospitals and the Disabled Community and have assisted Rowers, Stuntmen & woman, people with bathing issues, protecting Premature Babies in Neo Natal Units and many, many, more.  Feel free to come to us with the knowledge we know a little bit about Pressure Build Up and how to avoid/prevent it.

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Hi Dan Medica I purchased one of your Beaded Motorcycle seats just over a year ago and I thought that you might like an up-date on how the product has performed. I am a Motorcycle Instructor working a four day week and over that four days travel a distance of between 100 and 300 miles. Sometimes travelling to different Test Centres which are between 50 and 120 miles for the return journey. The Beads make the journeys very comfortable and at no time at all do I get saddle sore. They were a real dream when we recently had all the very hot weather and it was a joy to be sitting on the bike. It also helps to keep rain away from the seating area and even if I'm caught out without waterproof over trousers it still keeps that area dry and more comfortable for longer. The Beads have now lost their newness and it is easier to stay sat on them. For a week or two when they were new it was quite hairy when cornering as the cloth of my trousers slipped across them. The elasticated ties are staring to show fatigue, especially where they are pulled tight under the seat, but if they do break then I think that it would easy enough to replace or even buy a new Beaded Seat as they are not that expensive. Most of my colleagues have taken the "Micky" for the last year especially one who is ex Army. However when I offered the small accompanying Beaded Seat to him a couple of weeks ago because he was complaining about his "Farmer Giles" he readily accepted. A couple of days later he offered to pay me for it, which I declined, as he had to admit that the journey from Wimbledon to Essex was now a lot more comfortable and he no longer found himself crying half way through the journey home. I can thoroughly recommend this product Regards    

Motorcycle customer - Jim & Pauline