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DebbonAir® Dynamics Wheelchair Air Cushions - High Risk

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This medium to high risk product can be used for any individual who has existing pressure sores or is in the category of serious risk. Our years of experience with this product has helped open wounds heal as the cells deform and envelope the individual who is then able to sit securely for hours at a time in the knowledge that pressure is indeed being spread over the entire surface of the cushion and not allowing for further necrosis of the skin.

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DebbonAir® Dynamics Wheelchair Air Cushions - High Risk

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Product Specifics

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Proven to heal even open pressure sore wounds is a statement we are proud to make.  Our existing customers will tell you their delight with this high risk product.  They tell us it’s more stable than any other air cushion and we agree, it also lasts longer and is easy to adjust.  That is why we have the same customers return for other products and accessories.  Currently No 1 best selling product in parts of Europe and with distributors worldwide what more can we say?  Now in its 10th year of production and still going strong this highly competitive and superbly priced cushion is a must for anyone in this high risk category who needs to be seated 12 hours plus per day.

DebbonAir Dynamics Cushions


1.   Wash the cushion with soapy antiseptic soap making sure air valves are closed.

2.   You may put your DebbonAir Dynamics™ cushion in a washing machine at 60dg if placed in a pillow case, this will stop the metal air valves from scratching your machine. Always remember to close all air valves.

3.   Do not use abrasive detergents.    4.Do not heat over 100dg temperature.

5.   If gas autoclaved make sure temperature does not exceed 100dg and open all air valves otherwise cushion/mattress may explode.

6.   After washing leave in open air to dry.


 Your DebbonAir Dynamics™ cushion has been manufactured using very strong PVC compounds, the base of your cushion is made to withstand punctures from most objects, however should a puncture occur, please follow the repair instructions listed below:-

1.   Locate the punctured area.

2.   Gently roughen the surface with light sand paper, do not use coarse paper as this may increase the size of the puncture.

3.   Open PVC bonding agent and apply to both punctured area and patch, making sure to overlap punctured area for complete adhesion.

4.  Press down firmly for one minute and do not inflate cushion for 2 hours.


All our customers within the UK can enjoy the luxury of a courier delivery service.  Feel free to order and once your details have been processed our speedy courier service will deliver within 24 working hours (Monday to Friday)* (subject to availability).

For our International customers, depending on where you are situated we offer the Royal Mail postal services prices of which can be found clicking this link.


For further proof please look at the following pressure testing results :

  • Test patient is 55 yr old man with MS, approx 5'10", 140lbs (approx 10 stone/63 kilos - skinny). 
  • Hx of skin breakdown (Gr. 4 w. Osteomyelitis) on coccyx, obviously high risk for recurrence.
  • Biggest issue was pressure reduction, shear (patient has spasms which drive his ITs & probably coccyx down) & height of seat (couldn't go up in height from his Comfort T due to level transfers).Test patient could not tolerate sitting on HP Roho Quattro ("hate it" instantly felt too unstable), Debonnair felt more stable & obviously it mapped well.


Each and every DebbonAir Dynamics cushion is individually serialised. This allows us and your supplier to trace the exact manufacturing and supply date along with detailed information held in our factory with respect to materials, etc. Your DebbonAir Dynamics product has a manufacturers limited guarantee of 2 years from date of purchase.

DebbonAir Dynamics are CE marked, FDA approved and comply to BVQI ISO 9001 and 2 standards.


All goods damaged in transit will be replaced if notification is received within 48 hours and on condition acceptance of goods is signed off as damaged.

We also refund medical goods within 30 days of receipt, if they are returned in the same condition as sold and have not been used (buyer pays the return costs). Please contact us for our warehouse address along with a returns reference number, we regret we are only able to accept returns at the warehouse address and only with an allocated reference number generated by DMS Ltd.  Once the office receives notification from the warehouse the product has been returned to stock we will then issue a refund minus any card charges applicable and postage

Product Specifications

Product                         DebbonAir Air Inflated Cushion

Inflamability                 Crib 5 tested and passed

Washability                  Hand wash only if valve is completely closed, wash cover to 30 degrees, dry naturally away from direct sunlight, do not dry clean

Sterilisation                   Autoclavable by gas

Pressure Relief               High risk

Hypoallergenic              Anti fungal and Anti bacterial, Hospital grade PVC with high frequency welding

Risk of instability          Do not overinflate.  Follow operating instructions

Maximum Weight:         20 Stone /127 Kilo

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Dear Lynne..many thanks the gel pad came this morning,and I can't thank you enough.. My husband is ill and may only have short time to ride his bike..the pad was fitted to his bike and he is going a short run with the guys this afternoon.he has the biggest smile and is loving the fact that he can get out on the love of his life...I hope you are keeping your foot up and that it heals quickly... Best wishes...Maureen

Motorcycle Customer - M Carvill